Ice cream makin’ 🍦💕
Adding a few more tasty dudes to my sticker designs before I release them! Any other snacks I need to include? 
So, one of my very favorite artists, @mabgraves, is giving away a print of one of her most amazingly beautiful paintings. The challenge was to photograph a collection of things that capture a little bit of who you are and what you love. Here of course I have the Little Prince, Little Nemo, David Bowie. A few of the vintage toys that creep around my studio, a raccoon skull I found down by the creek in the woods where I grew up, a pair of scissors I’ve had since I was two. A Polaroid of a really wonderful day I spent lying in the grass in a park with my lovely boyfriend, a tiny clown crackerjack charm from the thirties my mommy gave to me. Vintage Easter bunnies and kitties. Dunce cap kitties. Felix the Cat. My favorite painting I’ve done in the last year: my fledgling heart, my brushes and my sewing things.
I had a lot of fun putting this together, Mab - it felt like building a shrine! ❤💛💚💙💖
Coming soon… 
Also, I love this little monster I got from @naoshisunae this weekend - This little darling creature is made from sand! Thank you Naoshi! 💛✨
Thank you everyone who came out to see me this weekend at JPop Summit! The festival was so busy I forgot to take a picture of my booth, but I had a blast! (And sold almost everything I brought - Time to get back to work making monsters!) You guys are the best! 💚💛💙
Getting things together for SF Bazaar JPop Summit in Japantown this weekend! 💛💙❤💚
Today I was going through some old things and I found this poor little ice cream cone half finished at the bottom of a pile. I felt bad for the little guy so I finished him up and turned him into a brooch 🍦💕
Oh hi guys. Here’s what my goofy face looks like. 💛💙❤
Making a bunch of baby octopods for SF Bazaar JPop Summit this weekend! (:
Developing a tiny bit of a mushroom obsession. 
These guys are now up in my shop! (: